Safe And Happy Play Areas


The value of play

All children should be encouraged to play, and we recognize the value of playground safety in Australia. Children\’s physical strength, coordination, balance, social skills, risk-taking abilities, and problem-solving abilities can all be developed through play. Every child has the right to play in a safe setting and take appropriate risks.

playground safety requirements

According to a 2017 joint research falls are the most frequent reason for playground injuries. The research also showed that injuries caused by falls from playground equipment account for 8.3% of pediatric hospital admissions.

The design, selection of materials, and construction of playground equipment have changed as a result of these findings, and it is crucial that playground safety standards be periodically updated.

To ensure playground safety Australia, new standards have been introduced. Changes to the requirements also take into account Australian weather conditions, which can have a significant impact on the quality and safety of playground equipment. materials, especially with regard to heat, humidity, exposure to salt spray, and light harm.

These stakeholders can continue to be responsive to safety needs by giving enough information and up-to-date, comprehensive recommendations to manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and operators of playgrounds and safe playground equipment.

Maintaining compliance with the standards also means avoiding expensive and potentially destructive lawsuits brought on by playground accidents brought on by dangerous playground design, materials, and equipment.

Challenge vs. hazards and risk

Children can experience and take reasonable risks during play in an exciting and supervised learning environment. Risks can be hazards or challenges. A challenge is something that stands out to young people so that they can assess their skills and decide whether to take a chance. Taking calculated risks can help people evaluate their own abilities, boost their confidence, and help kids develop resilience. Alternatively, danger is something a child may not observe or consider important but which frequently leads to injuries.

Commercial Playground Equipment  

 We care about our customers, our goods, the environment, and most importantly, the kids who play on our environmentally friendly playground equipment every day.

We\’re devoted to giving kids in all areas access to the best, most entertaining commercial safe playground equipment. Every community, as we are aware, is distinct and has its own particular requirements and personality.

Because of this, we spent a lot of time learning about the particulars of your property and the particular needs of your community. We always come to the greatest decision for you and your community after going through this process. Our huge selection of commercial safe playground equipment is made to accommodate kids of all ages and abilities.

Ecoplay Approach

Because we care about the environment and the kids we serve, our playgrounds are constructed from high-quality recycled materials that will last. Compared to conventional steel playground equipment, our commercial equipment can last up to twice as long. It is simple to understand why more people are choosing Ecoplay Structures for their sustainable playgrounds due to their extended lifespan and eco-friendly intent.